Owner/seller dealing with a wholesaler

Why would a owner/seller deal with a wholesaler when they can get rid of their own property themselves (fsbo) or use a realtor to assist them ? Ill greatly appreciate it if any one will get back to me with information or video’s in reference to my question, thank you.


Many times a home owner will seek a wholesaler to make a quick sale to when the property is an inheritance, it has a lot of deferred maintenance or the property owner has these types of issues and lives in another state.

These are some of the reasons a property owner may seek a wholesaler instead of proceeding with a retail listed sale!


A lot of different reasons. But what you should know is it’s not very easy to market your property and sell on your own. Even if an owner list with a realtor, they may still find it difficult to sell the house at their price. I think to better answer your question, you look at the advantages of going through Wholesalers. They will be paid cash, sell and close quickly, avoid closing cost, avoid agent commission, sell their property as is. :smile

Hello mike thanks for your responds I greatly appreciate that. I was wondering if you have a video or know of one in reference to my question because I like to keep a archive of information in different forms about stuff. Please ASAP get back to me thanks mike :biggrin

One of the biggest reasons private sellers deal directly with wholesalers is because they can pay cash with the convienence of a quick closing.

You should also know that it is not as easy it may sound for a the homeowner to try and sell the house by themselves FSBO…
believe it or not homeowners may not know what the current market value of the property may be, so they tend to get a little beside themselves when trying to get the price they want for the property.

As far as them listing the house with a Realtor you have to pay them a commission to sell the house, oppose to dealing with a wholesaler whatever price ya’ll agree on that is what the seller will walk away from the closing table with the amount they agreed minus closing costs. In most cases wholesalers will pay all closing costs.

Most important of all when dealing with a wholesaler they can close in less than 30 days! :smile

Many times their motivation to sell quickly and easily is greater than their want to get the highest and best offer. If the motivation is there, sellers will want to sell quickly, “as is” and have someone else deal with what they perceive as a problem

Would it be more accurate to say the cash buyer, who purchases from the wholesaler, pays the closing costs?

No it would not be accurate to say that. Closing costs are negotiable and paid for by the party delineated in the contract.


Really? Then as a wholesaler I better watch out. If I agree to pay closing costs, but don’t factor that into my assignment, I could end up losing money.

that’s why it’s always better to negotiate a little under your MAO, because if there end up being other unknown fees, you can absorb them if absolutely necessary.