Owner listed as deceased. What's my next step?

I have found a property that seems like it could be a profitable flip or wholesale. However when I attempted to contact the owner I found out that the owner was deceased. It looks like someone may be living there.

What should my next step be???

What is the routine when the owner of a building is deceased and there’s no one elses name on the title? Can these properties be purchased from the city/state??? :help

You need to contact the executor of the estate.

Thanks, Bill.

Forgive me if this question sounds silly, but I’m a novice and this is the first time I ran into this situation. How do I find the executor of the estate??? :help

Check with the court house to see if a will has been filed or an estate has been opened. The death certificate may list a next of kin. You can hire a PI or skip trace to find next of kin. Ask the neighbors if they know the family. If the decedent died without a will and no heirs, it is possible you can buy it from the state.

Any clue as to when the owner died?