Owner going to jail

Interesting situation:

I sent my first batch of mailers to homeowners in foreclosure last week and I have received a huge number of calls in response (to my surprise). Anyway, I got one call from a renter who knew that the owner of his home was in foreclosure and was furthermore going to jail (for mortgage fraud). I said “great, give me the contact info for the owner and hopefully we can making something work”. So far, neither the renter nor I have been unable to contact the owner via phone, mail, etc. Obviously the owner is going to be motivated being that he is going to jail. Is there anyway that I can circumvent the owner or does anybody have any other methods to reach an owner? What happens if he goes to jail?

P.S. The rent payments are going to a management company and they are unable to contact him as well.
Thanks in advance

Howdy Golexcap:

No way to circumvent the owner. You can buy it at the courthouse steps or get the deed from the owner before the sale and then cure the default. You will need to get a POA for the seller or a letter giving you permission to deal with the mortgage company.

You will have to visit the seller in jail or hire someone like a PI. The deed will need to be notarized in front of a notary as well and I doubt jails are staffed with notaries. It is possible they can be getting out daily on work release. Someone knows where they are.