Owner Financing?

I’m looking at some property and wondering what different types of financing is available. Specifically, I’ve heard of something where the owner carries the paper? Is that where you are making monthly payment to the owner at a given interest rate? Could someone elaborate on that?

Also, what other ways are folks financing deals?

Thanks in advance!


THERE are many ways owner financing can be done you have to work it out with the seller as to how it gets done

As each deal is not the same as the one before never is and never will be

So best i can say is look at your deal and see what the seller needs and then what you want and come to a place where you both are happy

And then you will have your owner financing on your deal or not

LearningRE, A good place to start and I recomend it is to read the free ebook on the Home page called “Owner Will Carry” read this and come back with questions. Herbster