Owner Financing question

Hey all,

I have a question regarding owner-financing. I have a buyer who wants to get into an owner-finaced home. He gets paid in cash and his wife only has a short

time on the job (not to mention she doesn’t make a ton of money) so a conventional loan might be out of the question. He does have 10k to put

down and is looking for a home with 10-15k in equity. I am sure I can find him a house but I have a question on how owner- financing works. What is the basic scenario in owner financing? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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It will be hard to get it done because he can not prove income.

Well if you are a property agent or have any idea to come in this business then you should have some knowledge about it. And if not then contact any property agent he surely guide you to figure out this deal.

Good evening Nando,

It would be great to get this guy into a home. Basics in Owner financing: you own your home and you sell it to him on terms, say 10k down and a thousand a month to be paid off in 30 years. Done

The fun part is when you control a piece of property so you can sell it to him without you actually owning it free and clear, Example: you buy a property “subject to” at 700 a month 2k down and sell to him at 10k down 1000 a month, you end up with 8k and 300 a month. Of course you will have to pay associated fee’s.


I spoke to the buyer again. He has never had any credit so I wonder if 3 years would be enough to start building his credit so that he can buy the home at the end of the owner finance period. He does have 10k to put down and can swing 1k/month. I am marketing for homes under 100k.