owner financing mobile homes with land in fl

Hey everyone!!
I have done some deals in Ga (with your help :beer), however not in Fl. I am the buyer of a mobile home attached to property in Fl. I would like to close this by myself. What forms am I going to need and do I need a title search?? I am sure I will need the purchase offer and to file it at the court house once seller notorizes…other than that I am not sure… Any and all info is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks to everyone, I have received very successful advice on these forums :bobble


A mobile home on it's own is a certificate of origin (A manufacturing certificate), but the lot is real property and you should do title / escrow to insure good title and get title insurance. 

Title work reveals any restrictions, recorded right of ways, whether there is a restricted use deed, etc. Yes, the current owner can quit claim deed you the property but what happens when big bubba’s construction rolls in and knocks on the door and say’s we would like to get paid for the work we did last 4th of July weekend as a emergency repair at triple time to help the owner out, and you get the lien and the shaft.

And this is really a conveyance of two parts land and mobile home unless it has been reduced already to a single deed?

What happens if someone knocks on the door 6 or 12 months from now and say’s “This is my house, I loaned it to friends while in the military last year” what do you say or do? If your buying this lot and mobile home for $200 dollars you don’t have much to lose, but if your paying $40k for this property could you really afford that loss when title would have cost 2.5% seller ($1,000) and 2% buyer ($800) on a $40k deal.

Gives you something to think about?


Thanks Gold River! I have done a some research on deed and it was foreclosed before this owner bought it, however on the foreclosure deed it does add the mobile home as a fixture. The new owner’s deed only has the legal description on the deed not the mobile home. So I was confused…I am going to take your advice and send it to the title company. My assumption it has been turned in to Real Property which would be bettter for me…Thanks hopefully it will work out. It is a totally different ballgame investing in a tourist town compared to Ga…Thanks so much :beer

I have found some great deals here, however with little money it is hard to find someone fast enough to assign the contract to. Competition is high here at the beach…but I 'm not a quitter :cool


Good luck, you can do it and don't quit!