Owner Finance - Harassment

We have purchased land and are doing the owner finance. The owner of this land has been harassing us since the closing of the property. He has called my husband a liar, and many other names, he has put wire on our gate to see how often we go to the property, and he has now placed no tresspassing signs on his property facing our fence line in an attempt to keep up from finishing our fence, since we will need to be on both sides of the fence to fininsh it. Is there anything we can do other than go to a lawyer and sue him…since he is the lender and is harassing us in this matter. Any help would be welcomed


It sounds as if you’re in a bad situation. Without knowing the whole story and both sides, I’ll give you my two cents. You need to talk with the previous owner. He may see that you’re making it look nice and you’re going to resell it for a healthy profit and he’s mad that he didn’t ask more. It doesn’t matter whose right or wrong, you need to smooth things over. Find out what his disagreement is about and see things from his perspective. You may then be able to compromise a bit. Worst case, you might also ask the local sheriif to go out to the property with you at a time when you think he’d be there. But if the contract is solid, you own the property, and you are ones who could put up the trespassing signs. But I wouldn’t recommend getting nasty in return…you’ll just fuel the fire :argue I wish you all the luck resolving your differences.

Regards, Shawn