Owner Doesn't Speak English

I have a seller who doesn’t speak English, but according to her son she wants to sell her house. What documentation needs to be recorded to formalize the sellers intent to sell her house and use her son as a go between for solidifying the details. Thanks!

How old is the son? Would his mom allow him to sign a power of attorney? You could then work primarily with him.


Just because there is a language barrier does not mean there is a legal barrier!

Make sure the translator is of legal age, if not find a translator of legal age and complete the transaction and just notate on a seperate paper this was accomplished through a translator and write down the translators name, address, phone number and drivers license number, have it signed by all 3 parties (Buyer, Translator, Seller) and have the paper recorded with the closing documents.

How do you think property gets bought and sold between parties of different languages?