Owned by the justice department

there is a vacancy i came across that is owned by the justice department-- us marshals. i want to get this property, but leery about government owned vacancies because of red tape and such. you would think that since the dept of justice is not in the real estate biz they would want to get rid of it, but its been vacant for awhile. maybe other investors are as leery as i am. can i get this property under contract to assign or quitclaim.

ps. no it hasnt been auctioned.

Be very cautious of properties seized by law enforcement. Many are seized for drug making…especially meth. If it was being used as a lab, it could be a huge environemental problem…

Other than that, the process should not be too different than a HUD or a VA. Is it listed through a Realtor?


they dont sell meth in my neighborhood, just crack, weed, cocaine, heroine-- but no meth.

I just had a similiar property I was looking at. Some good deals can be found this way, but METH is everywhere and you really have to make sure on that. Really bad news. This house I was looking at had some suspicious storage under the house that led to some foundation collapse/problems, so we walked away.

Ask yourself a question: Do I really want to become that involved with the government? Especially when there are SO many houses available.

Sometimes there are exceptions… your heart gets involved. The justice department also seizes houses from people in involved in fraud.

One example there is a house here in Sacramento that listed initially for over 10 million dollars.

Beautiful house, These business guys from IL who were selling Credit Repair Rip Off kits purchased the house for 2.8 million, did some rennovations The Justice Department Determined they were commiting Fraud seized their Bentley, houses, everything still in a mess this was over 3 years ago

This house has a heliport, three separate residences. over 8,000 square feet. Dream House on the Hill in the exclusive Granite Bay Area of Sacramento, just over the hill from where Eddie Murphy’s house is going for 10 Million.

Justice Department or not I want it! Can’t afford it. But it could be one hell of a deal. Just planning and strategizing on this one