Overflowing Toilet

Tennants left me a message about the toilet overflowing in the second bathroom.

My handyman is going to go out and look at it on Monday. If they clogged it up, can I charge them my handyman’s fee?

It depends.

What does your lease say? Repairs should be spelled out especially when “fault” may be an issue.


My lease has clauses in it that state not only are the tenants responsible for unclogging drains due to problems caused by tenant use (don’t just say toilet unclogging…what about if they dump a pan full of grease down the kitchen sink), but also that they are responsible for any other damage caused by not taking reasonable steps to keep the situation from getting worse. In this case, that would mean they should shut the toilet water supply valve off to make the situation worse. I also have a clause that states the tenant shall immediately inform the landlord of any unsafe condition.