Outsourcing for streamlining your business?

I have some questions regarding finding help to systemize my business. Whether it be finding help for mailers, putting bandit signs out, or people to drive vacan’ts/ugly’s WHERE do I find credible help?
Should I advertise in the paper or craigs list? If so what sections? Obviously the help would probably be stay at home moms or maybe college kids due to the scope of work but it would be helpful to have reliable people.

What should I put in the ad for help?

What are all of the pros doing for outsourcing?

Any help would be great!

I think Craigslist is a great place to advertise and you can’t beat the price. Just write a good job description of what you are looking for and what you are willing to pay, how many hours per week, etc.

Could you provide more description of what to say for a job description? What do you think of the following?

Real Estate Jobs Section
6k-12k Part time
10-20 hours a week
Call Now

Is the pay to much or???

Simmer down! Not to many people at once!

I didn’t really understand your ad, but just try to right a job description based on what exactly it is that you are looking for.

As far as finding credible people, putting ads on craigslist is like going to someone on the street that you never met. Craigslist is a great place, don’t get me wrong, but there really isn’t a way for you to tell if they are credible. I wouldn’t worry too much about that part. As long as they sound decent to you and they get the job done, then that’s all that matters. If you want to do a backround check, then so be it. If I can understand what exactly you are trying to do, then maybe I can help you with your ad better. Students come get paid 1700-1800 to play with…??? play with what? Then you say $6K to $12K part time??? If i seen this ad on craigslist, I honestly would bypass it. Only cause I don’t understand it. Maybe its just my own ignorance, but you need to be specific and straight to the point in your ads. If you want someone to put signs out for you then say it:

Subject: Earn $$ placing signs in your local area

Body: Are you looking to earn some extra cash on the side? I’m a Real Estate Investor and I need some help. I need a couple of motivated people to help me put some signs out for my business. I’m willing to pay $____ per hour or per week. You’ll only be working for 10-20hrs out the week. Reply now if your interested… blah blah blah…

Now it doesn’t have to be in those exact words. In fact, I’m sure you could make it a lot better. My point is that in order for you to get responses, you have to put the specifics of what ever you are offering out there.

Also, to look for extra help. Not only try craigslist, but try:

www.guru.com and www.elancer.com (i think) Those are some hotspots for people looking for work.

Hope that helped. Sorry it was so long. I was bored. lol


I just hired a young lady this week off from craigslist to do alot of my pain in the A$$ work, she only wanted $6.00/hr and saves me alot of time and energy. Look in the resume section on craigslist, and people will have posted info on their.

Now thats what I’m talking about fellows - GREAT responses! :beer While you all are on a roll I do have a couple more questions: How much should I pay for someone to drive for dollars? I would like an excel spreadsheet sent weekly with ugly/vacants home descpriptions. What would be the going rate for something like that? Also, how do I account for the help on my taxes? Thanks again for the great replies!

Use the “gigs” section of Craigslist, there’s a whole underworld of people who make their living (and like to believe they are adventurous and non-corporate “against the machine” types by doing all kinds of crazy odd jobs like moving people’s furniture, catering private parties, standing on the side of the road holding placards for new home developers desperate to attract local drivers to their communities etc etc.

Also a number of the sign MAKERS offer placing services but it can get pricey (however you know they have YEARS of experience knowing the best places to put the signs) where they will put them out on Thursdays and collect on Sundays or whatever you want. I don’t know if they do it where you are but maybe 866-Sign-Guys or find similar in your area if they don’t operate there.

As far as Driving for Dollars or similar scut work recruitment the best way I’ve found is when people ask for advice (i.e. “how do I invest like you do?”) like at REIAs or whenever give them a TASK TO COMPLETE.

That a. eliminates a problem I’ve already read about 2 dozen veterans here complain about (“people ask for help but when I tell them what to do they don’t do it, etc”) and b. qualifies those to whom you can offer advice later and its c. while they’re performing an activity that can get both of you paid.

The Homevestors franchise guys get a complete delegatable Driving for Dollars system with forms, protocols, tracking etc when they sign up (or used to) as a franchisee…I’ll see if I can get hold of a copy for you from some cotacts if I remember.

Now definitely going to sleep! Good luck

I don’t know where you are with your wholesaling business but before I would hire anyone to drive for dollars I would work on obtaining buyers so that you driver knows where to look otherwise your effort will be in vain.

Just something to think about


I’m hearing that more and more about getting buyers first. I assume that you can never have to many buyers but how many would you recommend in the beginning before marketing? I’ve got a list of qualifying questions for the serious buyers only. I would rather not waste my time with the ones that haven’t done a deal before or go through the traditional routes of conventional mortgages.

don’t discriminate with buyers. lol. Money is money. Wether it’s their first deal or their 100th deal. If you know what you’re doing, then take charge and make it happen.

My opinion is that you can get as many buyers as you want before marketing, but you’ll need to take a sense of urgency either way. With more buyers you’ll have consistent business. So just prepare yourself and hit it hard. Don’t stop. It’s easier to stop than it is to get going…