outsourcing cold calling to FSBO's

just curious if anyone on the board is outsourcing their calls to FSBO’s. if so, how are you compensating the caller (per lead or per hour)? if per lead, how do you make sure they only send you qualify leads (ie/ properties 65% of FMV or similar)?

I’ve done it before for $3 per completed lead sheet, and currently a Phillipines VA at $3.50/hr.

But if your only exit strategy is getting houses at a wholesale price this probably is the wrong strategy for you…most FSBO sellers are selling pretty houses and are looking for retail price or close to it so you’ll need more tools in your belt than just stealing the house. If you only want them sending you houses with that much equity you’ll definitely need to pay them by the hour, then just tell them what to send you and what not to send you. But then you’ll also have to train them to figure the FMV/ARV which isn’t an easy task.

Alternatively you could have them call a list of people with equity.