Out State Deals

What’s the best way to do out of state deals. Can you get a property manager to find a tenant buyer or do you need a local realtor. I usually assign out of state deals or my affiliates gets the deal if the property is in their county. I have several counties that are not registered with an affiliate and I receive a great number of leads.

Got a lead from IL, home was purchased 2 yrs ago, so no equity. Property was built 7 years ago. Owner has to relocate by sept 10. What can I do to make this deal happen. Owner is willing to let me take over payments with a fair down payment. The owner says the market rent is 1500. Mortgage payments is 1,200 piti plus association fees. Marketing the property should be easy, but who can I get to show the property. I will call some property managers in the local area, in the morning.
Does anyone have any experience with buying homes out of state.

All opinions are appreciated.