out of town owner

What’s the best way to find info on out of town owner’s? I found a house that is a complete wreck. Just got back from the assessor’s office and found out if belongs to a couple in Chicago, IL… I’m in Baton Rouge, LA.

Use http://www.zabasearch.com/ put in the name and the town and you should get the address.

can’t find anything online that doesn’t cost a s-load. called 1411 and they have no listing for that name. o well.

What is the full street address of the property in question?

I have 3 of them…

11163 Major Oak Dr
1616 S. Elaine Dr.
9126 Barringer-Foreman Rd.

all in Baton Rouge, LA

I am usually pretty adept at finding information, but you are correct… it’s not available on any website. As a matter of fact, there’s not even an area TO indicate who owns the property. This is all I could find to help locate the info on the properties in question.

How about other information that I do not see here such as ownership details, schools, crime status, etc?
Information may be in the process of being created or checking the accuracy of data. Please contact the Planning Commission for further questions.
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