Out of state wholesaling

I was setting up to do some out of state wholesaling, now i do have some access to rei information in the state im leading towards. I had a few question to ask

How can find deals out of state? (websites,public info sites,and etc)

How do you build your buyers list out of state?

Do you need a title company to complete a deal?

How to handle payment transaction without being present?

and what ever question that i may of missed and any info that you can pass to me.


I just came across a person who has written an e-book about out of state wholesaling. I think she is only charging $7. It seems to have some good links to finding real estate information on different parts of the US. You can check it out at http://www.mousemethod.com

I highly DON’T recommend this course, it’s just a cheap no-detail marketing fluff for extended expensive information and resources or affiliate info they are selling. Most of this is available right here on this site for FREE! Keep your 7 bucks! :deal

Ha, you know you’re selling junk when it’s not even worth 7 bucks.