Out of state SS ! Need insight on how to handle this deal

I have a SS in Port St. Lucie, FL but I mainly do business locally here in CT. I got this deal through a friend who lives near PSL, anyway there are 2-loans on the property, the first for $232K and the second for $82K. I successfully negotiated the 2nd down to 10% (Gmac) :bobble. The first just got assigned to a negotiator and I will follow up next week. I recently spoke with a Realtor in PSL about listing the property but he refused because he doesn’t list short sales :argue. How do you other investors SS properties out of state?? I was thinking of paying for the MLS listing fee and just having my friend show the house, but I just don’t know how effective that would be. I guess I can google some local realtors out there that are familiar with listing shorts. Anyhow I would appreciate any new ideas or tricks of the trade…Thanks!