Out of state property manager not paying me my rent, not returning calls, help

Any advice for this? We have an out of state property management company that is handling a few rental properties for us, the properties are rented still and they are not sending us our rent checks or returning our phone calls/emails

Where do you start? District Attorney, the states dept of real estate?

Any advice would be appreciated


l don’t know where you would start, but it seems to me that you need to regain control of your properties and start getting your rents put in your pocket.

You might have your attorney review your property management agreement and advise you on the approrate steps to follow.

If your state law requires a property manager to be bonded, then you might have some protection against loss. If you are unsuccessful in collecting your past rents and security deposits, filing a claim with the bonding company might make you whole.

The first place to report is the state licensing authority, but first find a lawyer to review the contract.

Thanks for your help everyone