out of state properties

Hello everyone, I’m very very new at this, actually I’ve never done a deal yet. I have two opportunities but I’m a little hesitant on purchasing them as they are in another state…I think if I here some positive feed back about how properties are selling quickly to a rehab invester in Ohio, also do I take possession (if I purchase) first then try to find an interested party to sell to or strike up a deal only with the seller then post it??? Could any one please help as I really want to do this, so if anyone could write me back asap to let me know. Thanks 2kids4me

Depends on what your exit strategy is. We would need to know a lot more information in order to comment. You can post details here or send me a PM. I’d be more than happy to give you a helping hand.

Hey Thanks I will but one of the properties I was interested in did sell but there are more I will contact you again when I find another hopefully soon by the way what is PM I’m new and not sure what that is???Thank 2kids4me