out of state investors

how do you purchase a property without even looking at it? im in ca, and looking to purchase in tx since the prices are much lower. ive never purchased investment property before and id hate to make a bad deal and for my wife to say “i told you so” ;D

You can have someone get videos & pics along with comps in the sub division. Also, you can require a 10 day option period in which to get the property inspected, if the inspection is bad you cancel the contract for $100 plus the cost of the inspection.

If you are seriously investing, either create a relationship with someone you trust in the area, or hop on a plane and do the right thing and seek due diligence. This will do two things, give you and your wife a vacation (brownie point 1), and then you can both make a sound decision, so when you sale and made that nice profit your wife will prasie you (brownie 2). Best of luck Alfred!