Out of pocket healthcare costs?

Does anyone know a good healthcare company like Blue Cross Blue Shield that provides an affordable family plan? I’ve been very happy with my current BSCS plan but it costs about $1100/mo. I live in MA. so by law I have to have insurance. But there’s a lot of healthcare scams to sift through. I’ve been told to stick with the common familiar companies. Any suggestions? Thanx.

Use one of the new plans designed for small business.

You can try joining a builders group plan in Mass. In Rhode Island you can join the Rhode Island Buiders Assoc. and get THEIR group rates for insurance through BSBS. All it takes is a contractors license.
Remember, almost ANY type of contractors license is acceptable. Get yours as an interior painting contractor. The license won’t be hard to get, (no testing) you just need some proof of business insurance (about $400/year for interior painting)

I have a few friends who buy and sell real estate around here. This is EXACTLY what they do. It comes with other benefits too. If you decide to do this call your business by a unspecific name like Eagle Enterprise.
The benefit here is lumber yards give VERY NICE discounts to licensed contractors. By calling yourself Eagle Enterprises you’ll be the only one who knows your not actually BUILDING homes. Hey, you MIGHT be building them, you just aren’t PHYSICALLY building them. Also gets you BIG discounts with contractors if they know your in the trade. I have always had a contractors license. It separates me from the word “INVESTOR” which is like waiving a red coat in front of a bull when it comes to subs.

Check it out. Could save you decent money.

Great ideas! Thanx a lot. I never thought of it that way.