Out of country investing

Hi… I am Valerie… from /in Canada and a newbie to investing. I am interested in the North Carolina/Gastonia area…I think(!).
Anyway… I have enjoyed the posts I have read so far…
Wish me luck…it certainly takes a lot of time this new career of mine!



 When you look for a home for you and your family you select an area as a town, city, county and state to live. Motivations are good schools, easy transportation, good community spirit and plentiful good paying jobs and low unemployment rates!

When your an investor you select the place you invest based on growth projections, solid sales / rental markets, good appreciation rates and good support to oversee your investments!

  1. Cape Corral - Fort Meyers, Florida

  2. Saginaw, North Michigan

  3. Akron, Ohio

  4. San Francisco, California

  5. San Jose - Sunnyvale - Santa Clara, California

  6. Phoenix - Mesa - Scottsdale, Arizona

  7. Sarasota - Bradenton - Venice, Florida

  8. Riverside - San Bernardino - Ontario, California

  9. Las Vegas, Nevada

  10. Miami, Florida

Thinking North Carolina is not an investment destination, it is a “Emotional” decision based on ___________?

Valerie you can do very well investing in the US, but North Carolina is not in the 10 best markets?

Good luck,


Where did you get that list?

I Googled “fastest growing real estate markets” and didn’t come up with that. Where should I look?


 We've got to get you that first fix and flip property so you gain some experience! 

When you get beyond that I will give you my secrets of the internet!


Glad my city didn’t show up on that list, even though it outperforms many on it…

Little ol Des Moines Iowa doesn’t get much nationwide credit, but it always shows up on “Best Of” lists. Real estate is booming, builders are going gangbusters…

Good time to be here, but don’t come. I want it all for myself! Joking, there’s plenty of deals to be had.

Hi Valerie… Main source of profit investors is going for when buying a property. You should also consult an attorney before investing. They will be able to explain you your claim under the contract. Hiring of an efficient attorney helps you in easy sale and purchase of any property.

Good luck…