Other Investments

Who here has there money in other investments such as clubs, restaurants, ext? Why did you choose what you chose and how is it working out for you?



I have a business selling cell phones and accessories. I don’t sell plans however because I don’t like people taking money out of my pocket. FYI, companies who sell plans, if aa customer breaks the contract before 6 months, then the entire commission is charged back from the seller. Anyway it is very profitable for me, I mostly sell used phones, but come across new ones from time to time.

I have been doing it 2 years, and every month my sales increase. I have not done my first real estate deal yet but I am still trying to learn, have been studying strong, for about a month now, so I am in no hurry to do my first deal but I am learning my area and meeting other investors.

Cool, i sent you a message hwould.

You should check out eBay, lots of packs of new phones. Usually 10+ per pack and the discounts are decent.