other effective methods of advertising

currently i’m contacting homeowners via direct mail, i have some bandit signs out, and i’ve also been contacting agents direct to form networking relationships. i’m also currently working on SEO for my web site to help the online marketing area of my business.

what are some other effective methods to use? i’m mostly interested in cheap/free methods…

thanks in advance!

Don’t have any additional tips but how is your SEO going? What techniques are you using?

i’m still in the beginning with SEO. i have outsourced some of the tasks (social bookmarking, onpage optimization etc.)

im working on obtaining external links and keywords.

I wrote a book on the subject… Here are a fews ideas… Some are somewhat free…

1-Professional letters

2-Mary Letters


4-Checks to Prospects

5-Checks to Vendors (Flyer)

6-Checks to Vendors (Real Checks)

7-Specialty Items

8-Envelope Coupons (Val Pak)

9-Bundled Mail (ADVO)

10-Newspaper Display

11-Newspaper Article Ads

12-Newspaper Sticky Post-it® Notes

13-Newspaper Poly Bags

14-Newspaper Classified

15-Magazines (Published)

16-Magazines (Self-Published)

17- Theater Screens

18- Freeway Billboards

19- Neighborhood Billboards

20- Foreign language Billboards

21- Mobile Billboards

22- Trailer Billboards

23- Automobile Wraps

24- Vinyl Lettering

25- Magnetic Car Door Signs

26- Bumper Stickers

27- Vinyl Banners

28- Website Banners

29- Websites

30- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

31- Pay Per Click (PPC)

32- Craigslist.com

33- MySpace.com/Facebook.com

34- Lead Websites (Leads Only)

35- Lead Websites (Name and Telephone number included)

36- Caller I.D.

37- Bandit Signs.

38- Yard Signs.

39- Property Flyers.

40- Open Houses. (Public)

41- Open Houses. (Brokers)

42-Visiting Open houses

43- Real Estate Agents

44- Lenders

45- Real Estate Vendors


47- Center of Influence

48- T-Shirts

49- Clothing, Dressing the Part.

50- Work

51- Church

52- Researchers / Bird dogs

53 – Door Hangers

54 – Door Knocking

55 – Post-it®Note Pads

56 – Business Cards

57 – Business Card Holders

58 – Become the “Candy Man”

59 – Talk Radio

60 –Radio Commercials

61 –Bus Benches

62 –TV Infomercials

63–TV Commercials

64–TV Commercials NOT Seen on TV

65–Real Estate Forums



68–white pages

69–yellow pages

70–Telephone Book Front Cover


72–Car Dealers

73–Credit Cards

74–Grocery Store Receipts

75–Grocery Store Dividers

76–Grocery Store Carts



79–Corner People


81–Real Estate Clubs

82–Bulletin Boards

83–Voice Blasts

84–Run for Mayor


86–Clothes Hanger – Hanger

87–Trade Shows

88–Adopt a School

89–Articles you write

90–Inteviews by Reporters

91–Race Cars

92–Resturant Place Mats

93–Sponsor News

94–Sports Fields

95–Empty Signs


97–Adopt A Highway

98– Message on Hold

99– Cemeteries / Funeral Homes

100– Quick Claim Deeds

101– Garage Sales

102- Cold calling

103– Tithing

that’s quite a list. i appreciate you sharing. :biggrin

Tithing (I’m quite familiar with it), can you elaborate on it as an advertising source?

I guess it only works if you do it and believe…

Wow! That’s a big list. Even some of them are new to me. I’m copying the whole and planning to do some research on them. I have prioritize the list. But a big thank to you.

YW… I did write a couple hundred page book on the subject of real estate marketing… And actually have used probably 90 percent of them