other boards?

Hi all,

This is a great forum. I was wondering if anyone knows of any others? Being on the web all day gives me plenty of time to participate in many places.

Or search terms to try in google. I have been looking and looking and aside from REI Club, I have located only a couple other places. All of those have just about no action on them.

If you know of any, please share.


Check out www.agentsonline.net

There are other boards out there. You have to really just seek the information you want or need and move on. A lot of boards are just romotional hype for gurus of that board or if they are really active and chattiing up a storm and posting like crazy…

I ask one question…

" If they are doing so many deals yet talking all day who is doing the work and closing??? "

take this for what it is worth and I dont think you will find a more helpful and knowledgeable board than this one out there. I did not get paid nor do I promote and site as an advocate BUT I wont turn down cash if sent my way ;D ;D



This is a good one for audio snippets…