Organized Groups working to physically prevent Evictions (article)

“This is a cold place in the winter and I will not give people a death sentence for not paying their debts,” Sheriff Jones said in an interview. “These are human beings, responsible middle-class people who fell on hard times, and I just can’t toss them out onto the streets.”

I wonder if that scumbag sheriff will stand by the property owner when the bank wants to foreclose on the landlord. This is a big problem when this anti-eviction nonsense spreads from foreclosures to rental property owners!!!

What this idiot sheriff doesn’t realize is that neither the bank nor the landlord is giving the people a death sentence. They CHOSE not to pay their mortgage or their rent. Furthermore, I’m not aware of a single person who has frozen to death after being evicted!!!


I basically agree. The only thing is, I think there should be some recourse for tenants who rent from owners who go into foreclosure, since the tenant is blameless in that case. But it should be through the legal system, not through people forming a blockade in front of the house.

I’m with you. I just bought a 4 unit where the previous landlord skipped with the security deposits. Legally, I’m responsible for the deposits anyway. The tenants should get 30 days (not rent free) to find an apartment and get their security deposits back.