Hi I am new to this site and was wanting to know more about straight options, I was wondering if Thomas Luceir was a good start. I would like to hear from some of you if you have read his material. Does it cover all that needs to be covered in order for me to go out and get some deals soon, is he down to earth and easy to understand. thank you for your help. Megman :-\

I don’t know about that guy you’re referring to, but I’ve never heard of him. Check out www.realestatemoneymaker.com
Good quality stuff from a good, down-to-earth guy - Joe Crump. :wink:

I always get calls from his office wanting me to buy his mentorship program but for $5000-$7000 I think not…Plus I’ve hane’nt heard of him alot so do not want to spen to much on some one I don’t know about…

I don’t know who this guy is either. Try the law library under Real Estate transaction Guide it has all the types of option forms used in real estate transaction and it even shows you how to fill in the blanks. Just remember that I’m not a lawyer and this is not legal advice." But the law library is open to the Public."

I have personally never heard of this guy. That doesn’t mean he can’t be good. His fees do seem steep. Even Russ Whitney doesn’t charge that. Another author might be William Bronchick (pardon any misspellings) he wrote Financing secrets of a millionaire real estate investor.

I found an A1 site that can tell you everything you want to know about straight options. As a matter of fact thats the name of the site. The site has only been up since Sept 2003. The people on the site are very helpful. You may ask anything you may want to know and someone will answer your question. The man that runs it is from Canada and his name is Troy Trevlean. He has an ebook that he has written and I have purchased and found it very helpful. Well enough gabbing, see for yourself. The address is http://www.straightoptions.com