Options to get out of a contract with HUD

Hi All,

I have entered into a contract with HUD. I am trying to do my inspections but I have found out that this home is on a community well and so far have been unable to get the water turned on from the folks who manage the well. Not sure what the problem is but one comment they have made is it might need a new meter since it has been vacant. Reading the HUD requirements/disclaimers to getting the utilities turned it seems those costs would be on the buyer to pay which I guess I will need to do but don’t think it can happen in the next few days. Since my window is 15 days (7 days left) to get all inspections done, I am not sure it will be do able since HUD requires 72hrs to de-winterize.

Can I terminate the contract and expect my earnest money back because of the inablity to inspect the plumbing/septic? At this point, I have done no other inspections.

Any suggestions on would be greatly appreciated.


If you need more time, why not just ask for it? Why assume an ‘all or nothing’ stance?

Now that would be just to logical…I guess I let my panic mode take over and get the best of me. Thanks