Options considering the new rules through FHA and Fannie / Freddie

I am struggling with some basics here. I plan to finish the necessary research as to how I can pin this all down, but running into a couple of snags.
I plan to buy via an option, and only excise the option once I have the property sold. The issue is that FHA, Fannie / Freddie wont close a loan where the seller is not on title to the property.

It could be that I would take title via a quit claim, or just buy via a owner carried contract and then resell to my buyer via a contract with them to refi a few months later via FHA. Of course we would record all contracts and put the parties on title, however this can be expensive and could also trigger the due on sale clause.

I also understand that I can just sell my purchase option basically as a 2nd mortgage subject to the 1st mortgage, but I must be careful how I would show this fee, as it could cause me to unitentionally be acting as realtor without a license, and then deal with the legal consequenses.

My question is: how are those of you out there using options to purchase and resell doing this considering your not on title, are your buyers using FHA, Fannie, Freddie?