Option Fees and Lease Options

Hello to everyone reading this post. I have questions concerning “option monies” or "option premium: that is involved in the lease-option transaction and the party or parties that can assist in establishing this fee.

  1. Is it necessary to utilize a certified individual such as an appraiser to assist you in establising the proper amount of “option monies” that is appropriate to charge in a certain real estate market?

  2. Is it appropriate or mandatory that if a certified individual such as an appraiser assists you in establishing the amount of “option monies”, that you should demand that the individual provide you this estimate in writing in order:

a) that legally, the tenant/buyer cannot claim that the investor has taken advantage of him or her by charging an excessive “option fee or premium”

b) that the I.R.S. cannot claim that the lease option transaction is a “disguised sale” because the investor can provide proof that the option fee charge is suitable and appropropriate for that market.

  1. Are there any other individuals excluding real estate investors that can help an investor establish a “fair option premium or fee” for a property?