This is a website still under construction. However, the page the link below directs to has an opportunity for Hard Money Lenders.


I have one particular deal that I lost my HML for. I have been working with this HML for over year now on various other real estate deals. This person however made enough money from being my HML that they were able to afford a business purchase when it came available in their hometown in Oregon.

The timing on this came a week before I was able to finish my current deal. So I find myself in a position needing to build a relationship with more HML’ers. Below is the current situation I am in.

Price: $85,000
Rehab: $30,000
Sale: $130,000
App value: $140,000+
HML Return: $10,000
Return time: 120 days or less

For me to complete this deal I need a HML of $85k to be wired to Chase Bank upon acceptance of offer (by June 14th 2006). This project is located in Cleveland Heights OH, a strong real estate market. Please PM me for further information.