Hello all,
My wife & I are new investors, have established an LLC 3 months, we live in Michigan (downsized auto manager), we plan on using OPM’s (hml or any suggestions of best way). We can get hml 60% or possibly more of as is value, however, we would like to know where to obtain balance of monies. We are looking @ properties ranging from 100k - 200k. Our credit score is 500’s, no cc debit, own home appraised @ 218k, owe 182k, having problems refi our home for additional $$, with new business, having problems finding lender (not hml). Looking for 100% OPM??? Thank you for any help/suggestions in advance.


Your situation is common amoung new investors breaking into real estate. 100% financing is available although interest may be high due to your 500s credit rating.

Thanks, for the reply. Who do we get 100% financing with, can anyone recommend anyone? Thanks again.

My company can most likely provide 100% financing. It would depend on where you are in the 500s.

One way to do this would be to find a seller who will carry some or all of the financing. I don’t know of any lenders who will do a straight 100% investment loan below a 660 credit score, but many will do the 80% 1st mortgage, and the seller can carry the other 20%. I know of one lender who will go down to a 540 credit score if the seller will carry 20%.