Opinons please on a certain repair.

I have posted earlier about my first rehab I have come into. It is a modest home that will sell for about 65k. The budget I have is limited, and both bathrooms are basically being replaced, new tub and shower, new toilets, new vanities and sinks, but the plaster on the walls is bad, the ceilings are fine. My wife insists that for the cost of the home, we will be fine to put up a nice bathroom wall board, you know the kind that you get from Home Depot for about $25 a piece. Now while I would love to drywall and have it professionally finished, the budget doesn’t allow. What do you guys think, am I going to be ok on this if I make it look nice?


If it looks nice, either would be fine for a house in this price range…make sure that if you drywall it, you use “blue board”…it is for wet places (like bathrooms, laudries, etc.)…

My opinion…


drywall it yourself…it is easy and drywall is cheap…it is also not difficult to tape and sand your joints either…i just did my bathroom and new drywall for the first time…i do admit it isnt fun and is dirty and a pain…but it is nice to know how to do it…you can also go to the lowes web page and they have a how to section on putting up drywall.

I agree with the previous posts reagrding drywalling. It is cheap and easy. and looks nice when finished :smiley:

You may be able to skim coat the existing plaster with sheetrock mud if it’s not beat up too bad…

I might have to disagree on the sheetrock thing. If you aren’t a handy person. It’s not hard to tell a DIY sheetrock job and experience has shown me that if an inspector sees evidence of serious DIY, they look at everything a little closer.

Good Luck!