Opinions on taxsale.com

I found this site, taxsale.com and wanted some feedback from anyone that has used the site. It seems pretty legit so far.

One comment made was for deed sales you normally pay 80-100% of the market value. Is this true? Are tax liens really that much better?

Thanks for helping out a rookie!


As I was researching tax sales I came across the following ad for “Rogue Real Estate Investor Collection”

“Rogue Real Estate Investor Collection tells you how to:
Buy real estate for 50 - 90 percent below market value with tax deeds.
Safely earn 18 - 240 percent per year with government sponsored tax liens.”

Now the first statement is the opposite of what taxsale.com is saying. I’m trying to figure out which if any statements are correct. I was gathering info on some WA counties when I came across this ad. Has anyone ever used or heard of “Rogue”? Thanks