Opinions Needed!!!!

What are other bird dogs doing for listing all their properties which can be assigned to help them move them faster?

Is there a site which allows this???

I dont want to be flooding any site or look like pedalling salesman with listing all of what i have but would liek to move soem of them without being a bother to anyone. We have all herd of the best thing since sliced bread or this is a winner pitch tactics and I personally dont do them or like them. I just want to see what others are doing with theirs or what opinions are voiced for doing so?

I am new to this and have many leads sent to me which have come from sales reps of my company to friends, family networking myself and drive bys. I have accumulated about 1300 now and growing each day. I was thinking I may need to do a website and keep updating but unsure of the legalities of this for not being a licensed broker???

Most of these deals have a 20% minimum return on investment
Any input or thoughts would be appreciated.

Well Edge-

Depending upon how motivated your sellers are and their needs, I might be about to help you out is the numbers are right.

You say that you have over 1,300 “leads” and they’ll yeild about 20%. To see if we can help you out, I’ll need you to answer three question for me.

  1. Of the leads that you have, how many of them are motivated to sell? (i.e. – Need cash buy the end of the week?)

  2. How much do they NEED? I don’t care how much they WANT, because I need to make money on the deal, too. I think that’s pretty self-explanitory

  3. How much is the property worth? When we buy properties, my investors and I try to stay around 70-75 cents on the dollar minus repairs.

Now, let’s go get this money!

Answer 1)

YES I have this many deals sent to me on the 70% factor. and I get more daily and some at the wierdest hours as Saturday night I got a call from one for a property needs nothing appraised at 230K and selling for 189K its a 5 bedroom 4 bath.

I get more EVRYDAY from people I have not even contacted as people I mentioned have gave my name to them and sent it on.

Answer 2)

I have not proceeded to the HOW MUCH factor they need NOW as I didnt know which were possibilities and not going to build false hopes in another when I cant deliver what I say I can. I do have about 6 with numbers that I have crunched and what they need and what would be given and rehabbing costs guestimated and comparibles of SOLD properties in the area of them as well as potential of money to be made ARV.

I have some commercial as well as residential and some apartment complexs( $ plexs) with nice returns and low vacancies.

Answer 3)

I gave perimeters of this…

If a house fully revamped and selling at market value is worth 100K and woud sell at that not just value of it. Than I would pay 70K. If it needed 20K worth of work to bring to market ready ability than I would only give 50K

Thats how I approached this thinking there would be no responses. I got buried with them and continually growing my list to many different states.

If you would like to talk further and have capabilities to do financing of them I would be willing to partner up or give you some for a finders fee which we would discuss as I am negotiable.

I have capabilities of having some of these leads done with contractors I know in the area which some of the deals are. As they are in an area where we were going to relocate but job transfer of my wife forced us in another direction to another state.


It sounds to me like you already have your ducks in a row. What exactly is it that you’re asking for? ???

Are you working these leads and putting them under contract and you wanna flip the contracts? So, you’re looking for an investor to take them off your hands for a fee?


Are you just trying to sell the fresh leads themselves?

Please clairify, because if you’re trying to sell leads, I think there’s very good money in that and I know of a lot of people who do very well at and others who, frankly, suck at it, because they don’t know what to charge, or they can’t market them right, or what have you.

I think if you’re looking for someone to sell leads to, there’s a place somewhere on this site where you can sell them. I’m not sure exactly what you can advetise, but if you read the “rules”, I think you can find out there exactly what you can do.

In addition, if you’re looking for a quick place to sell your contracts, you might wanna contact one of your local REI clubs. (If you don’t know where to find them, do a search on Google. That’s what I did, and as mentioned before, I now have millions!!!) Sit in on one of the meetings. Stand up and let the other investors know that you have these contracts (or even the leads) for sale and you’re looking for “cash buyers” to close in (X number) of days.

If you do that, you’ll have your buyers and investor in no time flat!!!

I think you’ll do it if you stick with it!!!

Now, let’s go get this money!!!

I have the leads and I really want to make some money.

Now selling them as leads can be done but these are in many different areas of the country so being present is almost an impossibility.
As for listing on here I thought of that and listed one here as an example but it is not up yet.

I was only trying to find from experienced bird dogs what else they do or how they are marketing to become effective with buyers for “X” amount of contracts.

Nothing makes me happier to making money and a win win situation for all BUT I cant post here all my deals nor could I continually do so as it would become a sales house for properties and not be here to teach others what this site has taught me so far and I dont want to lose the knowledge nor the tools which are readily available here by having to sort through a million cheesy sales pitches. LOL

I am hoping some experienced or successful birddogs would join in here and give some input for the new guys like me. I have only been doing this 6 weeks and started as a search to buy a family home with soem equity in it undervalued for my family and it grew from there.