operating agreement examples

Hey there,
Anyone aware of any websites or resources for finding solid examples of LLC operating agreements? I don’t want to have a poor operating agreement for an investing LLC and , at this point , Have no need to pay an attorney exorbitant fee’s to draw one up if other options are available. Any direction is greatly appreciated.

The cookie cutter agreements are OK until you amass real wealth. Then, you can pay to have a real one done.

Library - Nolo books

don’t kill yourself over it. it’s internal and unless you’re really going to moving and shaking and not blowing alot of hot air - you really shouldn’t spend more than 5 minutes on it.

if you’re talking partners, money involved and a real investment plan - then spend the time, talk with a lawyer if you don’t understand something. Nolo is an excellent resource

What exactly do you plan to do with the LLC? What do you mean by investing?

I have some samples at my web sites…

By investing I mean using the LLC to purchase properties, rehab them and rent them out until such time that the RE market is prime to sell them (If the benefits of selling outweigh those of holding/renting at that point).
Thanks for all the tips.

I’d use a business trust instead of an LLC, but I don’t know your full situation. I think you will be OK with a so-so OA for your LLC.