Open House Waste Of Time

I just got through commenting a real estate blog about how wasting half of your weekend cooped up in someone else’s house is a waste of time. Thought I would share my experience…

It’s extremely hard to sell a home from a picture and a 25 word description, without being able to go inside the house. However, there is a way to “get inside” without having a agent throw open the doors and sit all Sunday long, waiting for that “lucky” prospects to walk in.

I believe if you can not qualify your leads ahead of time, then ‘open house’ tactics are a waste of time. But, if you can show prospects 90% of a home (inside and out), before they even drive down the road, you will close them at the showing of the home.

Why? Because you gave them all the information they needed ahead of time and when they see the home for themselves (and if it’s everything they hoped it would be) then you will close the deal.
My experience of driving all over town to find the perfect home was tiresome and discouraging, I wish I had more pictures and more information. A Hope this saves people and gas.

That is so cool! Unfortunately for me I’m still the one that has to do the inspecting of properties but my investors would probably really enjoy that service. Especially if I were willing to include photos of the comps.

I recently did an open house for an as is wholesale deal 1 day after the eviction…ugh! Because my buyers were waiting so long to see it and my inspection period was shortening I opted to just invite the potential buyers that stuck with me through the eviction process. I only spent 1 hour at the property before it sold. But I agree open houses can be tedious especially when the property is in less than top condition.


Congrads on the sale. You got to admit you already qualified your buyer ahead of time, so the close was only natural. That’s why getting quality leads, not looky-lou’s will not waste your time.

Good Job!