OPen HouSe signs

Good afternoon,

Have not posted in the marketing forum ever, but looking if the experts could give me some answers relating to open house signs. I know these are questions on very small items, but I really want to do this right. Three questions that I have:

  1. On an open house direction sign, is ‘Open House’ and directional arrows sufficient? I assume date and time are unnecessary.

  2. I bought some flourescent red poster board. It is so bright that it is kind of blinding if you look at it for a bit. It will definitely gain attention, but I am hoping it’s not too tacky. Is there a more appropraiate color?

  3. Where can I buy open house signs or what kind of handmade sign could I leave in front of the home during the open house?

I appreciate any advice or input. Thank you.


As for directions, all the seminars that have mentioned it said put out 75. Then if you fall short youre about where you should be.

The most important thing is to put out LOTS of signs. Everything else is secondary. One of the biggest mistakes FSBOs make is to put out only a couple of signs. Realtors can usually get away with doing that because they have a legion of other agents to sell the house for them. But when selling on your own you have to make buyers aware of your property and the best way to do that is to put out a ton of signs.

  1. You may want to stand out from the millions of other open house signs. If you’re offering financing then put: “Rent to Own – Open House” or “$0 Down – Open House” or something along those lines.

  2. The more obnoxious the better.

  3. Hand written beats everything else in my experience. In front of the house I would use 2 of the same signs that you post around the neighborhood.

I also forgot another guy made a sign out of 4x8 plywood and just sprayed “MUST SELL” followed by what his mortgage broker said would be the best monthly payment anyone could get at the time.

He got like 60 calls the first week.

Excellent. Thanks fellas.

I am going to put a ton of these signs up the first day of the open house. (this Saturday)

I think I am going to keep it short and simple

‘open house’
(direction arrow)

I will let you know what type of traffic I get

You’d be better of just posting house for sale signs with directions, small description and your phone number. Very few houses are sold to visitors to open houses. I’m a realtor and investor and I can tell you without a doubt the major benefit of holding an open house is for the realtor to pick up buyers. Sad but true…

Geoff, I read this post after I made and posted 50 open house signs for this weekends open house.

You were absolutely correct. The only people the signs did attract were visitors- few of them actually prequalified.

My newspaper ad on the other hand that said that the home was preforeclosing and to make an offer got me a ton of calls from investors.

I should be able to get one of these investors to offer an appropriate amount. Live and learn I guess.

Nonsense, open houses sell tons of houses if done properly.

This is a perfect example of giving people what they want. With the newspaper ad you did, with the signs you didn’t.

If your sign, ad, or whatever looks like everybody else’s it doesn’t give buyers any reason to call or visit YOU over your competition.