Online subscriptions for listings???

I was just curious if anyone uses the online companies such as to get listings? I would like to subscribe to one but I would like to get some recommendations on which one.

Thank you all

I am now using .
I don’t like it though, they have number of errors in
their data base. >:(

I am looking for some better Web site if anyone can reccomend,
my area of intrest is Northen california, Alameda county.

Which area do you work at Buswell?


It really depends what state you are in. Most of the national companies (ie RealTrac,, etc.) all provide out-dated garbage data. I would suggest They are a new company that covers (AZ, CA, FL, NM, WA) There is also a company that cover the NJ, NJ region, but i dont recall their name. Hope this helps.

I recommend Their listing is pretty up-to-date. I tried to compare a direct bank or govt. listing from theirs. And their’s is sometimes ahead.