Online Property Valuation Site

I work with someone who’s mother works for an attorney who specializes in Real Estate.

They refer to the website for property values:

I found the prices a little on the high side (higher than asking prices on properties currently on the market) but thought it was a great resource.

I hope you find it worthwhile.

Yep. People here are familiar with it already and they also think the appraisals are little on the high end.

Zillow’s prices are so out of skew as to make them unreliable.


I agree. But it’s still a fun site to play with. To bad it couldn’t be more accurate. ;D

Hopefully they’ll continue to twik the algorithm until things are a little bit better. Good intentions though…

They need to do a LOT of tweaking in my area as they are using tax assessed values from 2004 right now. Ugh!

I found the site to be unreliable. I sold a house in December 2005 for $155,000, and lists the value as $124,000. I also checked several other addresses and found that the valuation was off on those too. But I agree, it’s still interesting to see what it comes up with.

The greatest value I have found in Zillow is its fast satellite view of the property to use in eliminating properties for location problems. It can prevent going out to preview/show properties and finding that they back up to a busy street or train track, while the homes on the other side of the street would be just fine. I have found Zillow to be faster than keyhole and other similar satellite view sites for this information. As far as pricing, while inaccurate market to market, it does show quickly the relative values of properties within a neighborhood or submarket, and I like the visual presentation of that information rather than lists of addresses on appraisal district sites.

Zillow is a nice gimmick, but very inaccurate. I trust:


for accurate comps.

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