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hello everyone,
i am really week when it comes to online marketing or any form of marketing can anyone tell me where should i start. i am eagered to learn.

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Learning how to market is a huge endeavor…

Start by asking yourself what kind of investor you are… That way you can set a budget based on a cost per deal and then you have to ask how much money it cost to be in business and how much you want to earn…

At that point you then have to ask what your available cash is to market and do you have the reserves to carry a campaign to its completion or do you have to use sweat marketing…

I wrote a little book on 101 methods of marketing for real estate investors… so there are plenty of ways to skin the cat

Online marketing is a hot topic nowadays. You can always google it and I bet you will find thousands and more about online marketing. I suggest you start to learn about blogging and adsense. I used to start using blogs and then I learn many things about online marketing. :biggrin

Again, be sure to figure out what type of investor you are first. However, I believe Mike Collins offers a great material on internet marketing. He trains mainly on wholesaling strategies, but this course would probably work for most niches since the same success principles would probably apply. Has anyone taken this course? Thoughts?

I’m in the middle of starting up my internet marketing campaign for probates. I’ve followed the training given by Ed Dale from the Thirty day challenge and have found it to be quite good so far. I’ve documented everything on my blog so far if you care to check it out. Not a lot of leads yet (actually 1) but I’m rising in the SERPS and getting more hits ever week.

I specialize in SEO. Choose a specific key phrase that you are targeting online. Use it in the URL, title, header text and in the body text. Next get a lot of backlinks. Here is the basic process using article marketing to get your website to the top of google

  • Ping your entry using a pinging tool to multiple sites. I use

  • Use an article rewriting tool to create multiple unique versions of your article. Unique versions are needed so that each syndicated site that posts your article is counted as a unique back link to your real estate blog. I now use Magic Article Rewriter as my tool of choice.

  • Submit your unique article to as many article directories as possible. I use two tools concurrently for this. The first is UniqueArticleWizard, the second is Magic Article Submitter. Both tools allow you to syndicate your article across the web over time which gradually increases your links and your search engine rank. Their actual sales pages are pretty cheezy, but the tools work great.

  • Bookmark the post to StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicous, and the rest of the bookmarking sites. If you are using a Wordpress, Orlywire has an interesting tool that allows you to automatically bookmark your post to your accounts.

  • If you haven’t submitted your RSS feed to the multiple feed readers, then now is the time to do so.

  • Update the post on your facebook, MySpace, etc.

All of the above sounds like a lot of work, and it does take about an hour to complete all of the steps. However, where you may attract one or two real estate leads from the post alone, you can now expects a few hundred more people to find you from your search engine optimization activities.

Can anyone tell me what’s blogging and how it works, what can I do there? What’s adsense? too :help


Blogging usually takes on two forms, one being like an online journal. I use my blog for this purpose to keep track of my real estate investing progress. It’s fun and helps you keep accountable.

The other way blogs go is for posting articles about a particular topic like real estate investing. It would provide the latest news or insight into a topic.

Now adsense is a service from google. Have you ever seen the “Ads by Google” advertisements on websites? If you look on you’ll see an example of adsense in the left column under “Site Information”. A site would put adsense ads on their page because for every click the site receives money. It’s a revenue stream.

Now, Adwords is how you can advertise your services. Once you sign up for an account you create ads based on keywords (I.E. “real estate investing”). By using the content network of adwords you can place your ads on related sites that display adsense ads.

Hope that makes sense cause I kind of dumbed (no offense) it down as best I could.

Online marketing is important in the 21st century onwards because almost everything around us everyday involves internet. We rely too much on internet. Customers opt to online buying because it’s more convenient, it helps time-conservation, and less effort to carry out, aside from the fact that most of online market offers really great discounts to products or service it offers. Just to tell you, online marketing and advertising is growing rapidly and take in many forms. There is SEM or Search Engine Marketing (Advertising through paid listing for appearances in major internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo). Also, there is SEO or Search Engine Optimization, originally came from SEM but now being separated as distinctive process of business online strategy. It involves several process of link building. The main goal of such online marketing is to appear first among the competing companies in the search engine results page to earn “click throughs” that will be converted to money. Billions of people are browsing the internet everyday. That means, your business is exposed to billions of potential customers everyday if you only got the right strategy.

Online marketing is also like marketing in the real world. Only that online marketers don’t get to feel the heat of the sun as always. Anyway, my advise would be, you have to have your clear objectives first. Study or be familiarized with SEO tools, and other online marketing strategies.

For a nice mind map of online marketing methods, Page 2 of this PDF lays out the core sources of online and offline traffic for lead gen.

ONLINE has 2 branches: free/paid online PLUS what Brunson calls “recycled” (some of which is online) marketing to lists you built earlier. Each of the branches has detailed strategies, many of which were touched on in this thread.

Although this map is NOT specfic to real estate investing, it is a nice mental model of what options you have when deciding which online marketing systems to learn about/execte.

Now that you see the options before you, the decision as to what kind of investor you are comes in handy. Some messages lend themselves well to online methods, others not so well.