Online marketing

Does anyone know of any good sites to market properties. I know of some but was wondering what you might have found to be useful.

The buyowner site and the like charge, not sure if it is worth it in addition to MLS.

Many forums allow you to place free listings for properties that are for sale. Can’t hurt.

I’ve had good luck with Craigslist

Did I read this correctly; is your property already on the MLS?

If so (and it might be too late to add this contigency if you have already listed with a broker; but you can ask), ask why you aren’t on (the closest thing to an online MLS available)?

If you are after an large online audience to cover all your bases, you can’t wrong with (but it aint cheap; try to get the realtor to pay for it).


Scott Miller

Craigslist is where it’s at in my market. I’ve been combining them with The first 10 are free. I just started buying the domain names for the houses and pointing them there. Compare to $99 per site for Agency Logic.

I can send some sample sites if you want, but it’s only $8 for the domain name using and, boom, you have an easy flyer and listing website.