Online listing services?

Retran, RealtyTrac,, etc.

Anybody use these? Would appreciate your feedback and/or other worthwhile ones available.

I cannot believe that someone did not respond to this question. There are always 2-3 posts bragging about or knocking down sites.

I tried Realtytrac and was not inpressed at all. Most of the leads I got were outdated.

I’ve found that it is best to just go the the source to get the foreclosure filings. the courthouse.

I’ve gotten over 600 filings from last month alone!

I have read good stuff about The only drawback is, listing is available only for few states.

So, are you with an online service to get the filings, or do you actually go into your courthouse?

In every county there is a Lawyers bar association and They have there own publication/newsletter wherein they furnish all information (Probate, name change, foreclosure etc). They are good/correct source of information.
Other then this there are local relator/company who gather information from counties and sell the information to there subscribers. They are also correct and cheap. As they are local and there domain is small, so they tend to furnish correct and very updated information.



We’ve had good luck getting lists from title companies for free. They expect you to do business with them, but that’s working well for us.


I actually go to the county clerks office here in Indy to get the NOD daily.


Not sure yet on how old the leads are but you can also go to

Shadrick 8)

If I see a house that I wanted to buy on the website
Who should I contact?
Please give me some advise because I so new to this.
Thank you.