Online County Clerk Listings

I searched my local county clerk which is available online.

They give info but just a name, a document number and a the date of the notice of default.

How can i find out where these properties are located just with a name? I guess I could call or go in person and get each document but there are so many. I just want to be able to get the addresses online by doing a property tax assessment search with the PIN to see if the property is in a desirable area or not…but again they are not listing the address or PIN

Any suggestions???


Calling will get you nowhere. Any major recorder’s office will NOT do a search for you. You could go to the site and do a search yourself. You will have to pay for copies though. Try finding a local title company that will help you out.

My County has a similar setup. However, I have access to many public resources as a REALTOR that I can usually figure out the exact property and it’s value. Perhaps a local REALTOR will help you? Of course, you will need to give them business for them to help you. They don’t tend to like working for free. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!