Online/Catalogs for Landlords/Rehabbers?

I was wondering if anyone knew of (and/or) used any catalogs or websites for supplies associated with typical landlord responsibilities: bath vanities, tile, paint, caulk, plumbing/electrical supplies, cleaning products, hardware, bulbs, etc. - specifically any resources that might beat the prices of typical big box retailers by selling directly.


Ever try ebay? They would probably have alot of this stuff.

Where are you located?? I have a grate place here in central Michigan.

Do you sell anything other than grates? :biggrin :biggrin

I use Wilmar.

It’s a catlog service …but they have enerything you would need …

Since I originally asked this question, I’ve come across
They have a HUGE catalog w/ many of the things a landlord would want. I’ve taken some time to look through the catalog and price some things that we regularly use. The prices are solid - better than big box in some areas, not quite as good in others. But delivery is free. I definitely plan on giving it a shot.
I know someone w/ MANY rentals who’s been using it for years.

Thanks for the replies.