Online and Cheap Background and Credit Checks?


Second post…

… trying to revitalize the apartment building that my mother owns… she often gets people of somewhat low reliability and i realized that she doesn’t often do background checks or credit checks… i am also a complete newb but at least i am internet savy…

so, what is the easiest way to perform a background check and a credit check on someone applying for the apartment? Online? where?



Some counties have public records online you can search. Other places you have the applicant fill out the background check form and pay to have the search done. Check and see how it works in your area. If you screen for criminal background checks and don’t like what you see on an applicant, you’re done at that point.
There are plenty of companies out there who will run checks for around $15 or so. We don’t use those. We do our own criminal background checks locally, income verification, and check for evictions. I know how to set up to be able to actually pull someone’s credit, but I deal with lots of people who don’t even have a checking acct. Their credit would either be non-existant or horrible. Up to you, but we have our system and it usually weeds out the trash.