One Less Foreclosure in America

This happened in my State and I thought in says VOLUMES about what we VALUE as a society.

A local farm was in foreclosure, along with countless others…
The farmer looked for help, asked for it, but none came.
The farm had been in his family for generations. He admitted he wasn’t much of a business man and the decisions he made directly caused his situation. No one cared…

Then it ALL CHANGED!!!

He called the media to his farm…He stepped out into the camera light and made the following tearful announcement…

Due to the Foreclosure on the farm…I have no choice but to take all the animals I have taken in over years and have them slaughtered. In this economy farmers aren’t looking for MORE animals, especially old, broken down ones. I’ve called everywhere. No one wants them. The reporter then had the camera pan over to the various animals.


SAVE THE FARM rescue funds were established OVERNIGHT!!! People dropped CASH off in envelopes at his door step. Kids sold Kool Aide to raise money.

Amazing isn’t it???

If that was a FAMILY being thrown out no one would give a sh*t. Especially if the father admitted he caused it. But throw in some ANIMALS and the MONEY starts FLOWING.


This Good Ole Boy might be THE SMARTEST person I have ever seen.

Thought it was interesting.

Draw your own conclusions.

fdjake, I know people who’d swerve and hit a tree to avoid a tabby cat, but wouldn’t try that hard for a person. When we have all these pet/animal luxuries when humans are suffering nearby, that shows people have their priorities mixed up. We live in a screwed up world.

That’s exactly what I got out of it!!

The sad truth is people naturally feel sorry for animals and small kids because they can’t make decisions for themselves.I guess we naturally feel adults who are in a bad position should have been smarter.We all should look in the mirror more and I’m sure we all were close or in the same position at one time and try to help where we can instead of just dismissing people who may just need moral support,thats still free.Is’nt it?

I’m off to overleverage myself on a farm and buy some broken down animals, catch you guys later… :cool


OOhhhhh…Where can I send my money to save those poor baby cows and the old mommie cows?!


You guys are can make fun of me all you want but I would much rather donate my money to an animal shelter than a homeless shelter. Those poor animals have no control over their situation. All they have done their whole lives is provide milk, and eggs, and love to that family. Yet they have to be slaughtered because that farmer is a dumb-ass??

People need to stand up and take responsibilty for their actions. I cannot tell you how many times I turned down people for sub-prime loans and they just went on to the next broker to get the loan. I have seen so many interviews with people in foreclosure and I have yet to see ONE person say “yeah, I am an idiot. I make $12.00 an hour, but I thought I could afford a my own Mcmansion.” Instead what do we hear… “My broker screwed me.”

I understand that bad things happen to good people, but bad things happen to good peoples animals as well.

Lastly, I am not a PETA fanatic or anything like that, just an animal lover doing a bit of ranting.

If you love people first, then animals, you’ll likely create more animal lovers.

Yeah, Christopher W, I am actually with you as far as being an animal lover too.

Last year we hand-fed and raised a Grackle baby. You would not believe how often and how much that thing ate! There is nothing like a baby bird screaming and flapping its little wings like some kind of “Feed Me, Seymour!” monster every time you walk through the room. I was an adoptive bird parent and I have great empathy for the harried life of real bird parents. One day she was big enough, and flew the nest. We actually missed her messy, over-eating, demanding ways when she flew off for good. It was the “empty nest” syndrome for sure.

Now there are 3 black curly-haired dogs in my yard, all strays. The Shelter is full, we have a “Found” ad in the paper and I am trying NOT to get too attached.


I feel the same way Christopher. The idiots that get their food from the food bank leave every last can after they break their lease and move out in the middle of the night. These deadbeats deserve everything they get and then some, while many of these distressed animals had to put up with these deadbeat idiots as their owners. I’ll take the animals over the deadbeat, entitled, irresponsible “victim” every time!