one contractor does all???

Hey folks,

When you all find a house and you run the numbers and its a good buy but it needs work. In my case I’m going to be contracting out the work to get my rehabs done and on the market. My question is this…do you guys hire one contractor to do it all or do you seperate each job out to specific contractors i.e. drywallers, painting, plumbing, etc. I see ads stating that this guy or this company can do it all. Then I wonder if I should be contracting out to specific contractors to focus on what they specialize in. Any thoughts…


Howdy Gordo:

Some trades are obvious like a bulldozer work. You can not hire a handyman to grade you property. I have tried in the past to get a handyman to install a roof. A few months later I hired a roofing contractor. You should hire a licensed electrician, plumber, HVAC to do major renovations. Light general remodeling like changing a light fixture or a faucet and replacing some rotten wood can be done by a handyman. The size and scope of the job too dictates the need for trades. I am hiring laborers to remove debris from my building and I have hired a superintendent to help look over the job and help lining up subs. It is a $220K job and I can not hire just one handyman to get it done timely. I believe I am saving a lot of money by being the general contractor and hiring different subs and I believe you will too on bigger jobs. If you do not have the experience to get the job done you may consider a consultant or hiring a general contractor. Knowing what needs to be done and in what order is simple to me for the most part but it can be confusing for a first time rehabber as well as knowing what stuff should cost. It seems to me so far that out of town owners are given higher bids for instance. Search around and get several bids for the same job and you will be amazed at the difference in bids. I hope my rambling helps some.