One closing??

Hello everyone,
I’m somewhat new to this game. I’v been doing shortsales since Nov and I’v already bought 3 homes and they are ready to sell. However, I have had to do two closings each time and I’v having trouble with “seasoning”. I have a feeling the two are related. I someone can solve this issue for me, I’d be greatfull!!! ;D

Sounds like your closings are not “simultaneous”. Are you using the same lender for both 1rst and seconds? Is your mortgage broker sleeping?

With respects to seasoning. Seasoning of funds? Seasoning of property? Two different issues. This would have nothing to do with closing simultaneously.

Hi there,
It sounds like you misunderstood me , I’m not taking out a loan. I paid cash for a foreclosure, I have the buyer ready to go but I’m having a seasoning issue selling it to my buyer. I want to do a double closing (flip). Can anyone help me?? :wink: