One close construction/rehab loan leners needed


I am looking to find non-doc lenders, I have 640+ scrore. Have some properties under rent. I would like one close mortgage/loan to save some fees.

I will need 80-85% LTV



When you say non-doc do you mean no doc? or stated, no ratio, etc…
If you could be a bit more specific it would help your chances of finding what you are looking for. What kind of LTV and loan amounts are you looking for?

I meant stated income as I am self employed.

Let me explain my situation.

I been in USA for just over 2 yrs, been running my biz for 2 yrs. I own 6
properties (5 investments)
my credit score is (last time checked) 640.
I have 3 properties under construction loan and need that to be converted to
permanent loan.
I have identified further 4 properties that are good deals
New Property price range is $65k to $100k with repairs from $10k to $25k
Loans will be in 75 to 85% of ARV
Liquid asset $70k appx

I hope this helps.