One Auction Company Closed. One Auction Postponed in Southern California.

The Norris Group recently received a tip from a fellow investor about National Home Auction (NHA - closing its doors. We were forwarded an email written by the president of NHA, Christopher Connelly, confirming there would be no more auctions conducted by NHA at this time. We tried repeatedly to call their offices with no luck of reaching a live person to confirm. We called a few REO broker friends that had properties scheduled to be in the auction next weekend and they confirmed that the auction had been cancelled. We do not know the full details of why the auction company closed and if it is a permanent closure.

Also, we recently called Catalist Homes ( and found out their Southern California auction has been moved from early August to early September. Their website does not currently report the date change and we had not received any notification.

We wanted to save you some time if you had been out doing research for what was supposed to be NHA’s Southern California auction next weekend and the Catalist Home auction one week after. As always, please read each auction brochure and website before each auction as many things can change including fees. It looks like we’ll also be calling each time to verify the auction will actually take place.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Aaron Norris